HP Hidden Cam Tip Menu #1
Author: beautyandthebooty
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For the Lovely H

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Short Description:
Hidden-Cam Tip Menu Companion: Hide your cam for up to 10 tip menu items (reward the tipper, not the whole-room).
Full Description
Got some items on your tip menu that you'd prefer to be for the tipper's eyes-only?
No problem... just put the prices for those items into this bot (up to 10 prices), and any time someone tips those specific amounts, they'll get added to your hidden-cam list. Then, use the commands, below, to easily hide the cam long enough to fulfill the item, and then come back to the public-show and pick up where you left-off (after each hidden micro-session, type "!clear" to clear the hidden-list if you want past tippers to have to re-pay for each new flash... or treat it like a show-pass and let them see all subsequent hidden-sessions for the remainder of your show... it's flexible, and your choice).
!hide - Makes cam hidden

!unhide - Makes cam public

!list - Lists all users on the hidden-cam list

!check username - Check if an individual user is on the list
!add username - Adds a user to the list

!remove username - Removes a user from the list

!clear - Clears all users on the list (use after each hidden-session to maximize earnings)

Note: If Mods or Fan Club members are permitted on the hidden-list for free, after the "!clear" command has been issued, they will need to type in chat or refresh to get re-added to the hidden-list

Attention:This is merely a copy made for the Lovely H. I claim no effort in the making of this program

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